Next Level Enterprise Application was specifically designed for infrastructure owners, A&E, Surveying, Environmental, Engineering, and other Infrastructure services companies.

Allocate schedule, track, actualize, approve to bill, bill, and receive all on the same base entries. Application is a complete pass-through model so that all projects, scopes/tasks, timesheets, labor costs, project costs, overhead, Purchase Orders, payables, etc. pass from the time, cost, and project management module to the accounting modules.

Next Level Enterprise owns all source code and customizations can be made on a per tenant basis. No more plug-ins that don’t work! No more duplicate work and no more far-flung spreadsheets and data. Project Managers manage from the Application and tax accountants use reports directly from the Application to produce Federal and State tax returns and have since 2012. All reports balance and tie to the General Ledger and Payroll.

Next Level Enterprise contains a fully functional payroll module, so that payroll can be processed internally, or if using a payroll service, there are no payroll entries to make. Time management modules automatically pass 40 hours per week for salaried Employees, while project management module track time and effort at the Project, task, or sub-task.

Next Level Enterprise is a secure, web-based MFA-enabled application. Robust internal permissions provide a firewall between project management available metrics and confidential accounting and payroll financials.

Internal tracking module allows projects, tasks, and sub-tasks can be created, customized, and published for sharing with internal users, or published or exported for customer access to trackers. Any customer-provided template can be accommodated internally. No more managing milestones in external spreadsheet trackers or duplication of project trackers.

Projects and project locations can be bulk imported from any spreadsheet software. Project templates allow for automated bulk creation of projects with pre-set tasks, subtasks, service level dates, budgets, etc.

Projects, tasks, and subtasks can be prepopulated then repopulated to any prior project or group of existing or new projects.

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Application Features

There are many features included with the Next Level Enterprise Platform and here are examples of the top items:

Company Setup

Clients, Divisions, and Contacts per Division

Robust Project Management module where project milestones and project financial metrics are tracked

Task creation using a custom catalog to populate projects, tasks, dates, budgets, etc.

Purchase Order Module that flows to Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable and Debit Memo functions

Extensive payroll and payroll balance and tax reports.

Accounts Receivable and Credit Memo functions

Internal or external payroll processing based on time entry or salary information.

Bulk Upload/Creation of Projects and Locations

Robust Customizable User Setup with Roles, Policies, Permissions

Fully integrated tracking module where any customer spreadsheet format can be accommodated

Robust import/export and sharing functions for sending trackers to customers and for sharing at the tracker level with other users on the platform

Location and Map modules to geographically visualize locations needing field visits and for researching historical projects by location so you know where you are going and where you’ve been and done work

Billing workflow that pushes completed tasks instantly to billing module for (push-button) individual or batch billing. All billing flows to Accounts Receivable module.

General Ledger functions, including functionality and reports for General Ledger, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Invoices List, Cash Flow Statement, Cash to Accrual conversions, Trial Balance, etc., all generated from initial flow-through entries or by Journal Entry

Employee benefits tracking

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